Us and the farm

Bwlchwernen Fawr is a 130-acre farm situated about 10 miles from the Ceredigion coast, West Wales. Originally as a member of a commune, then tenant and now owner, Patrick Holden has been based at the farm since the early 70s. In the early 80s, Patrick became increasingly involved with the organic movement, specifically the Soil Association where he was Director until 2010. The Soil Association is the UK's leading environmental charity promoting sustainable, organic farming and championing human health. It was here he met his wife, Becky, who now runs the farm as well as bringing up their 4 young boys William, Ben, Harry and James.

Bwlchwernen Fawr has been certified organic management since 1973, which makes it the longest standing registered organic dairy farm in Wales.

Currently, the dairy team consists of:

Rob, manager of the dairy and experienced cheesemaker who has been making cheese since 2003. Rob had previously been a cheesemaker at Gorwydd Caerphilly before joining the team at the dairy.

Jos, cheesemaker and part-time firefighter, who has been making Hafod since 2012.

Matt, despatch and store manager. Matt deals with selecting and despatching cheese to our customers.

Tess, assistant cheesemaker and storeworker. Tess balances both making cheese and caring for the cheeses on their year long journey to the Hafod we know and love.

Rachel, our administration clerk. Without her numerical skills and head for mathematics we would be under a mountain of paperwork.

Nick, our resident herdsman. Apart from having the hardest job on the farm, caring for and nurturing the cows, Nick is our social media expert. If ever you have chuckled over one of our tweets or sighed over one of the photos of the farm in spring, you have Nick to thank for it!